What Gas & Electricity Supplier Should I Switch To?

Cheaper Providers

To find out who can supply you with the best deal is to compare all the energy providers in your area, taking into account the amount of gas and electricity you use. The cheapest supplier for you depends on where you live, as well as how much gas and electricity you use.

Dual Fuel Providers (gas and electricity)

Dual fuel plans offer both gas and electricity from the same supplier and often comes with a discount or reduced rates. Using comparison sites such as MoneySupermarket or EnergyHelpline you can select to search separately by single fuel plans for gas and electricity or dual fuel plans by default, as these will usually provide the best discounts, but not always.

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Separate Gas and Electricity Suppliers

It is sometimes cheaper to have separate suppliers or you may decide to only switch your gas provider if you are happy with your electricity provider. You may benefit from separate energy suppliers rather than switching to a duel fuel plan.
You can look at plans for one fuel type only by selecting ‘Gas only’ or ‘Electricity only’ in the comparison forms.

Green Energy

Some energy providers are able to offer electricity from renewable sources such as wind farms and hydroelectric dams. If you wish to reduce your carbon footprint then you can compare and switch to a green electricity plan.
GreenHelpline.com can help you search and compare green energy providers.
Some suppliers, whilst not offering renewable energy, will contribute your energy costs to a green fund. This is then invested in environmental and renewable energy projects.

British gas and E.ON both have green tariffs where they will contribute to renewable energy projects to counter your carbon footprint.

Other ways to choose energy suppliers

There are usually a range of energy tariffs options available:

  • Fixed price deals can protect yourself against price increases in the future. Your unit rate for a periodis fixed. You pay for what you normally use but the rate per unit will stay the same for that period even if energy prices go up. Your rate is not affected by price rises, but it won’t drop either, if prices go down. A capped plan sets an upper limit on the price you will pay per unit of gas or electricity used. If there is a price rise, you will not pay more than the upper limit.
  • Choosing a single bill for your gas & electricity can save money and simplify your household bills.
  • Choosing an energy plan without a standing charge may be cheaper for you if you use a small amount of energy.

Over 60s Plans

Plans for the over 60s can be referred to as Social tariffs. Social tariffs are special plans aimed at helping customers who could be considered vulnerable or disadvantaged. The elderly are often vulnerable to rising energy costs and plans for those aged 60 or over can offer discounts, cold weather rebates and special offers.