Why Switch?

Blue Piggy Bank WIth CoinsCustomer in the United Kingdom can choose their gas and electricity providers. There are no changes to the actual pipes and wiring, the thing that only changes is the price you are paying and who you are paying it to. The gas and electricity market regulations changed way back in 1999, allowing millions of household in the UK to cut their utility bills by changing providers. Only around one in three households able to switch and save on their gas and electricity have switched since market regulations changed in 1999. Switching providers can save the average UK customer more that £100 a year and usually much more. Using free and impartial comparison and switching services allows you to find a providers that give you the best prices. You can take control of your utility providers and decide how and who you want to pay for your utilities.

How does it work?
EnergyCompare.org.uk compares the tariffs of the major energy providers. Results are ordered by the amount of money you can potentially save on your energy bills. You just need to know is who your provider is and roughly the amount of gas and electricity you use, or how much you spend per month or year. You can find this information on your monthly bill.

Is switching is simple?
It’s easy to change your gas and electricity suppliers. It takes just takes a few minutes to compare plans and then you can switch to the one you want. You are guided through the switching process. And then, your new supplier takes care of everything.

What happens after I submit an application?
The data we use is taken providers to make your life easier. Within a few easy steps you could be saving hundreds of pounds a year on your utility bills.

What are the advantages to me?
The comparison is a completely all-inclusive, completely independent and a completely impartial service. The data we use is taken providers to make your life easier. Within a few easy steps you could be saving hundreds of pounds a year on your utility bills.

Are prices kept up to date?

There are over a dozen energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. It could  be quite complex comparing prices when the energy markets first deregulated, it is now much easier. A number of comparison sites have been setup where energy bills can be compared online.

Suppliers and tariffs are monitored on a continually. In most cases new tariff information is received before changes are actually made. In this way you are provided with the best advice based on the most accurate and comprehensive data available.

But I want to be green too…
Yes, you want to save money, but there are other good reasons to switch suppliers. Helping the environment, for example, is one. If you want, you can search for green electricity plans. You may even find that you can go green and save money on your current bill too.
We also include a customer satisfaction rating for each supplier, so you can see what other customers think of a supplier’s service.

What risk is involved?
None – People often worry about switching suppliers. It’s actually very easy and it won’t affect your supply. The only change will be a reduction to your bill. Here are a few points to ease your mind:

  • You will not lose your supply at any time
  • You will not be charged twice. Your new supplier works out a switch date with your old supplier, and takes over your payments from then
  • You are not paying any hidden charges for our service. You would get the same rate by going directly to the supplier and we often have access to online deals that aren’t available directly

You can cancel your contract within 14 days if you change your mind, it’s that simple.
If cancelling it’s advisable to confirm the cancellation in writing and to keep copies of any correspondence between yourself and the supplier.

What about dual-fuel?

  • Many energy suppliers provide dual-fuel deals – they procide both electricity and gas.
  • This is great because you get one bill as opposed to two.
  • There may also be a discount involved by having both of these supplied by a your provider.

Other ways to cut my bills?

  • Most suppliers provide savings if you pay by direct debit.
  • Signing up for email billing rather than getting it through the pose can also save you a small amount each year..

Switch on to a better deal
Your results are accurate and impartial. We use the latest rates that we get directly from the suppliers and our rankings are not influenced by commercial interests. So start switching now to find out how much you could save.