How Energy Calculators Work

Feel free to use this image just link to www.rentvine.comCalculators look at a number of factors when calculating your savings. They work the total savings could save by switching your current energy supplier to another energy supplier (with the assumption that you’re using the same amount of energy). Energy calculators calculate the running costs of each various tariffs using information provided by you, such as what your current consumption is and who your current supplier is and what plan you’re currently on. It will help if you have your latest energy bill in front of you to help answer those questions accurately. Energy calculators then check through all the tariffs available and calculate how much you can save by switching from your current supplier to another. It’s quick and simply. In only 5 minutes you’ll be saving.

What Else is Looked at?


Standing Charges (some providers charge a fixed costs, no matter how much energy you use) Unit Rate (the cost of using 1 KWh of gas)

Usage threshold (some providers charge a smaller rate once your energy usage has passed a specific amount)

Only savings that are received every year are built-in to the calculators. Unique savings offers aren’t included, neither are cancellation fees.
Savings include:

  • Dual fuel savings
  • Direct Debit savings
  • Paperless billing savings
  • Online savings – given to users who apply and pay online

What are you waiting for? – Compare, Switch & Save Online.

Results from switching services are accurate and impartial. Up-to-date rates direct from the suppliers are used and calculators are not influenced by commercial interests. So compare today to find out how much you could save.