Boiler Cover

So, boilers, we all need them to keep warm this winter and even in the summer to heat our water. It’s usually a bit of a bugger when the boiler packs up and plumbers these days cost a fortune. So, considering you have a fairly new boiler is it worth forking out of having your boiler covered, and if so, what type is best for you? Use our handy guides below to help out on these questions and more.

5 Steps to Get Your Boiler & Heating Covered

There are 5 Simple Steps to finding the right cover for your home:

Step 1: Enter your postcode

Step 2: Tell us about your home, boiler, heating system and any current cover you may have.

Step 3: Choose the amount of repair coverage you need

Step 4: Pick your cover from the extensive list of results

Step 5: Apply!

The results will show you the providers along with the costs, the maximum coverage and everything that’s included in your cover.
You will be covered in around 30 days time after your payment detail have gone through. If you’ve already got boiler cover with another supplier you can also switch your cover with switching gas and electricity supplier.