Wind Power

turbinesWind power is the most common form of renewable energy used within the UK. The UK is one of the windiest locations in the world so we’re in a prime location to use this form of renewable energy.

Wind farms are large numbers of wind turbines grouped together. Altogether they produce around one and half percent of the UK’s electricity.

The turbines are huge futuristic looking  windmill-type objects which rotate in the wind and in turn drive a generator. There is increasing trend of locating of wind farms offshore. Here the wind is usually stronger and more constant. In addition it’s out of sight so worries that many have about it blighting the landscape are calmed.

Wind farms can however be relatively expensive to run to maintain, thus the cost of electricity produced by this method is more expensive than other energy production sources.

The number of wind farms within the UK are increasing and it is set to grow faster as the UK tries to cut its carbon footprint. As the number of wind turbines grow, the price of them is set to fall.